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I Need Patience!

Whew!  Spring has sprung.  We are passed winter.  The appearance of death and hibernation is disappearing once again and nature is taking on new life.  Staled becomes fresh again, praise God!  Old becomes new! But, wait; something’s missing!  Spring has sprung, and the horizon looks bright again, right?  True; it…  
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Sad at Christmas

Have you ever been sad at Christmas because you felt alone, lonely or lonesome?  Perhaps you are grieving the death of a loved one who will never again spend another Christmas with you on earth.  I know what that is like many times over.  Having lost all my babies to…  
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Trusting God in the Moment

Those of us that have read the Bible for any length of time know that followers of Christ are repeatedly told to trust God.  Yet, impatience pushes us and presses us to impulsively proceed ahead of God, which equates to ‘without God,’ as in, leaving Him ‘in the dust’ of…  
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Waiting and Watching

…on what and for what?  The object of our waiting and watching is not a what but a Whom. Throughout the Bible, God tells His people to wait on Him and watch for Him. Waiting on God requires us to spend time seeking Him in His word in order to…  
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